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On the other side of something features the work of nine painters representing a breadth of approaches to painting and include both leading contemporary artists and emerging voices: Felipe Baeza, a painter and printmaker based in Brooklyn whose work focuses on the body in states of transformation and within interstitial landscapes; Colombian-born visual artist María Berrío, whose works reflect cross-cultural connections and personal histories; Guyanese American multimedia artist Theresa Chromati; painter Ariel Dannielle, who creates large-scale portraits that depict the daily experiences of Black women; Chioma Ebinama, a Nigerian-American artist interested in how animism, mythology, and precolonial philosophies present a space to articulate a vision of freedom outside of Western social and political paradigms; New York-based artist Marcus Jahmal, whose paintings synthesize a range of inspirations and autobiography; Christopher Myers, a multimedia artist, author, and playwright from New York City; Naudline Pierre, whose works are informed by narratives and are laced with spiritual references and personal mythology; and Colombian New York-based painter Ilana Savdie.

The imagined and sometimes abstracted figure asserts itself in their work as a vehicle to examine both internal states and the presence of the otherworldly. Imbued with aspects of spirituality and the surreal, these works allow us not only to re-envision ourselves but to see the possibility of the supernatural all around us. The larger-than-life figures that populate these works offer images of transcendence, transformation, and power within the cityscape.

This project is curated by Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels of We Buy Gold and Diana Nawi for Orange Barrel Media.

Felipe Baeza [+]

Maria Berrio [+]

Theresa Chromati [+]

Ariel Dannielle [+]

Chioma Ebinama [+]

Marcus Jahmal [+]

Christopher Myers [+]

Naudline Pierre [+]

IIana Savdie [+]